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BLISTERING ROT - Blistering Rot Digipack CD


Image of BLISTERING ROT - Blistering Rot Digipack CD

(Macho Records)

Death Metal

The kill squad of BLISTERING ROT are rising to deliver a frantic death punk abomination.

7 tracks that bring you closer to your grave, using the punk influence as a shroud - Be prepared for the unleashed menace of BLISTERING ROT.

This debut release can satisfy your party needs while you are feasting on the remains of mere humans.

Guttural vocals, high speed guitars, bombarding bass and blasting drums performed by members of Tymvos, Death Kommander and Vorax.

So, don’t hesitate! Get your filthy hands on this release before it’s too late and join the maniacal gathering of the Edinburgh undead!..